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looking for opinions on the new ray allen tactical bite suit. can you really put clothing over it, and how mobile can you be in the suit. I woud really appreciate some comments on the suit. thanks.

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Comment by Maximum K9 on February 13, 2009 at 7:27am
I dig the tac suit. And yes, you can put on street clothes over it. But if you think your dog isn't going to see the Stay Puff Marshmellow man you are sadly mistaken. Its the same way a dog looks at a SWAT guy or a someone wearing a heavy jacket. The start thinking "Hey, I've seen that before and I got to bite it". The tac suit is not for the new decoy. It and the Kimono Lite are for experienced decoys that know how to take a bite and are using it to develope the bite in the dog. You will feel the bite but for the decoy that is trying work on a dogs bite, that is what you need. If you are going to be the only one wearing it, I would suggest having it custom fitted. Yes, it'll cost you a little more but I feel that it is worth it. The great thing is that if you have a problem, the shop is here in the USA. Try sending something back to Europe for an adjustment. I totally understand what Jonathon is saying above about the grion riding high. I believe the reason for this is that the tac suit is made for you to move in, such a run away. I would call it an agitation suit. The others you can move it but I think they are more of a static suit. You can move in it but not a lot. I am short so all suit pants are long on me. The custom sizing isn't that much more and I think it is worth it, especially to buy an product made in the USA.

If you want to do realistic bites, hidden sleeves are great for that but really take an experienced decoy. Also, muzzle fights are great for building that drive without the suit.
Comment by Jonathan Geren on February 5, 2009 at 5:48pm
In my opinion the pants are going to be the same as far as fitting go... leg bites are gonna hurt in them, i promise that. ive always had a problem with the pants, they ride up high in the groin, very uncomfortable. The best bet you can go with is to get something specially made to fit you... only downfall is that its going to cost you more for custom sizing if they will do it.
Comment by Tracy Labw on February 4, 2009 at 11:32pm
jonathan, how do the pants compare to the other suits you have worn?
Comment by Jonathan Geren on February 4, 2009 at 11:28pm
i wear the tactical suit quite often compared to the big bulky suit. i have a few reasons though. im too small in frame to wear the big ones with my coworkers, so it becomes more of a hazard with it possible being able to slip down and expose more of my neck. The tactical suit, fits a lot better, but with that being said, you are going to feel a lot more pressure and possibly get a puncture from time to time. as far as the tactical top we have now, i could easily fit a XL shirt over top or just a hockey jersey. The suits are typically stiff when first bought so it takes time to break it in. my arms dont exactly go straight up and down, but i have got it worked n a bit so i have range of motion if need be.


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